Q & A's

lots o’ questions asked:

What is included? The $7,200 investment includes 4 full days of information. Special guests: Rebecca Stone, Cathleen Stern, Nicolette Camille, Shira Savada, Abby Larson, Mar Romero, Daniel Tran, Joel Serrato, Karina Puente, Sophia Fox, David Gallagher, Diana and Josh Perrin and Amber Moon. With 1 day before to play around Guadalajara, sight seeing, dinning, local market place shopping. All meals will be provided breakfast, lunch and dinner. Transportation, models, wedding gowns, floral for models, makeup and hair, internet access, and 1 complimentary spa treatment while you are there.

What airport do we travel into? You will fly into Guadalajara International Airport, code GDL.

How far is the Hacienda from the airport? It’s about 1.5 hours.

What is the weather like? Mornings are chilly, some fog, but it clears around 11 am. Days are in the 80’s and nights are around the 50’s.

In what form do you want me to bring my portfolio? Laptop or printed images are just fine. No magazine pullouts.

I am a vegetarian, will the chef accommodate my needs? Yes, of course! Just tell me in advance and the chef can accommodate to all of your needs.

Do I need to bring cash? About 20-50 dollars, just enough to buy some fun trinkets.

Where do I exchange my American $$? At the airport. I would highly suggest getting cash at the ATM at the airport to avoid high exchange rates.

How and when do I pay for my stay at the Hacienda? You pay with a credit card at the end of your stay.

Can we have a roommate? Yes, you can share your room for $175usd a night or $215usd for your own room.

Do we need to book our accommodations? No, we will book the entire hacienda for our workshop, no need to call them.

What should I bring? Notebook, pen, laptop, cameras for photo shoot, warm cloths for evening, and comfortable clothing for day. Portfolio, DVD or on laptop is fine. Your marketing material, pricing ect. And an amazing Smile.

I’m new to wedding photography, is this the right workshop for me? Yes, we have a wide range of attendees, from working professionals to beginners.

Is this going to be on film or digital? And should I bring a film or digital camera? We will cover both mediums, and you should bring the medium you are comfortable in shooting.

Is it a safe place? Yes, Guadalajara is the second largest city in Mexico with a large amount of tourist coming from the US. English is the second language to most all locals.

If I have a specific need in my business and would like a one-on-one session with Jose, is this possible? Yes, 6:00 pm is the time we finish the day, from there you will have the opportunity to have Jose answer all your questions until every question is answered.

What is the start and end time of each day? We will start around 8:00 am and wrap up around 6:00 pm.

Will ground transportation be provided? To all locations to and from the airport from November 5th-11th, 2016 from 7am-5pm only

Will we need to bring our own film? Fuji Film will be providing us with 10 rolls of 35mm and 30 rolls of 120 400h rolls. But we strongly encourage you to bring your own film for extra shooting.

Will all food and drinks be provided? Yes, …and Tequila…Yikes!

Can I come in before or stay after the workshop date? Yes you may, but you are responsible for making all hotel and car reservations.

Is the rate the same if I come in before or stay after the workshop dates? No, the above is a group rate.

Can I use these images in my portfolio? You may, only if: they are credited as being photographed with the Jose Villa Workshop, No Exceptions!

What if my camera equipment gets lost or stolen? You are responsible for all of your cameras and other equipment, so please make sure that it is insured!

Is there a hospital nearby? Yes, 8 miles away.

Is the water safe to drink? Every room will have bottled water. Shower water is safe. Ice for the drinks is distilled.

Is airfare included? No, you are responsible for making and paying your own airfare.

What should we wear when we are shooting? Bring jeans, walking shoes, and a sweater; as we tend to shoot until dusk.

Is there wifi? Yes! :)